Degree Requirements

    Students in the MSW program are required to complete 32 credit hours, comprising required courses and electives. The program has 4 required courses, earning 15 credits in total, including (1) Advanced Quantitative Research Method for Social Work Studies, (2) Social Work Theory, (3) Field Practicum I & II and (4) Advanced Social Statistics or Qualitative Research Method (of Master’s thesis standard). Each student must select at least 2 electives from Practice Methods. This MSW degree requires completion of all courses take, and a successful oral defense-of-thesis.

    A full-time student may attempt a maximum of 12 credits within 5 courses in each semester for each student. The maximum for part-time students is 9 credits within 4 courses, excluding summer-vacation Field Practicum credits.

    A student must complete the MSW program within 4 years, with a minimum requirement of 2 years. A student working on a quantitative thesis must complete Advanced Social Statistics, while a student undertaking a qualitative thesis must complete Qualitative Research.

    A thesis instructor is generally a faculty member who is a full-time or part-time assistant professor, or above, of the Institute. Inviting a non-Institute thesis instructor needs prior consent from the Institute Affairs Meeting. A student can only apply for a thesis proposal defense following one year study in the Institute, including the completion of two required courses, namely Quantitative Research Methods in Social Work and Social Work Theory. A student may apply for an oral defense-of-thesis exam four months after passing the proposal defense.




Philosophy & Theory

Practice Methods

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