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 ★From the President:
  The Student Organization of the Graduate Institute of Social Work, National Taiwan Normal University (the Institute) was inaugurated on June 11, 2008. And the first general meeting was held on the same day to successfully elect the President and other executives. As a working student striving to manage work and study, I made a difficult decision by competing for the presidency. However, I believe, with the trust and support from my fellow classmates and the positive attitude of the faculty, I will be able to fulfill the responsibilities and to contribute to the Organization and the Institute.
  I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Vice President and other executives for their backing. In the future, the Organization will mainly focus on academic events and seminars to facilitate academic advancement of the Institute. In addition, we will organize various activities to promote understanding among Organization members and encourage comradeship within and support for the Organization. It is also our sincere hope that we may help the Institute to bolster academic standards and footing in the filed of social work studies as well as cultivate professionals and skillful talents.

 (1) To achieve stronger integration, the betterment of welfare, and enhanced networking of and among the members, and to encourage academic exchanges and studies in the Institute. 
 (2) To promote stronger links and interaction between the members and public, private, and non-profit sectors in social work for the development and advance of expertise.

  The Organization service team is composed of President, Vice President, Activities Unit, Secretary and Information Unit, General Affairs Unit, and Academic Affairs Unit, as further detailed below: 

★Responsibilities and Services: 
President represents the Organization and is responsible for the management of the Organization, and:

  1. Convenes general meetings, officer meetings, and other meetings as appropriate,
  2. Executes decisions and resolutions agreed upon in meetings,
  3. Prepares semester work plan in the beginning of a semester and presents for approval in general meetings,
  4. May adjust the organization of the Organization and relevant rights and responsibilities as necessary, and
  5. Appoints Vice President and executives (chief of each Unit).

Ⅱ.Vice President: 
Vice President assists the President in management and execution of Organization affairs and resumes acting presidency for an absent President. 

Ⅲ.Activities Unit:

  1. Plans and executes sports events of the year,
  2. Executes recreational and networking activities,
  3. Administers personnel, equipment, and venue(s) for each event/activity,
  4. Assists event venue set-up,
  5. Keeps photographic records of each event/activity,
  6. Handles photo reprints of each event/activity, and
  7. Organizes social events for exchanges between the faculty and students.

Ⅳ.Academic Affairs Unit:

  1. Manages lectures, cultural events, seminars, etc.,
  2. Plans and executes academic and cultural events of the year,
  3. Collects curriculum suggestions from members as a reference resource for curriculum development, and
  4. Assists in organizing international seminars of the year.

Ⅴ.General Affairs Unit:

  1. Consolidates the budget of the Organization ,
  2. Administers and discloses the finance of the Organization,
  3. Compiles and organizes treasury documents,
  4. Collects and oversees membership fees,
  5. Conducts Union budget planning for the year,
  6. Procures items for each event/activity as appropriate, and
  7. Manages public-use equipment.

Ⅵ.Secretary and Information Unit:

  • Keeps and maintains all records and documents,
  • Prepares and distributes event calendars and membership rosters,
  • Assists in updating Organization webpages,
  • Edits and publishes letters of appoint and certificates,
  • Provides photos needed for file keeping,
  • Collects and organizes photos of both the faculty and students, and
  • Handles documents, meeting minutes, and internal and outward correspondence of the Organization.
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