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94級從經歷安置服務少年觀點解讀「獨立生活」之起步─以「獨立生活第一桶金儲蓄計畫」為例 Youth from the Viewpoint of out-of-home care services through an independent living of the start - the pot of gold savings plan for independent living as an example李思儀 Lee, Szu-Yi 王永慈 Wang, Yeong-Tsyr Reference link
94級新移民草根組織之發展模式與充權策略 The Developmental Models and Empowering Strategies of Immigrants’ Grassroots Organizations何思函 He, Sih-Han潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
94級台北市老人失能評估社工員之自我角色與功能定位之探討 An Examination of the roles and functions of social workers under the assessment program of disabled elderly in Taipei方莊嬌 Fang, Chuang-Chiao王永慈 Wang, Yeong-Tsyr Reference link
94級運用優勢觀點探討青少年之貧窮生活經驗林文婷 Lin, Wen-Ting王永慈 Wang, Yeong-Tsyr Reference link
94級跨文化社會工作者的服務經驗與反思 The Practice and Reflection of Cross-cultural Social Workers陳依潔 Chen, Yi-Chieh潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
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95台北縣市婚姻暴力防治網絡合作經驗─民間社會工作者之觀點 The Experience of Cooperating network in Domestic violence prevention in Taipei city and Taipei County ─ The Views of social workers in NGO鐘月霜 Chung, Yueh-Shuang王永慈 Wang, Yeong-Tsyr Reference link
95社會工作者經驗暴力威脅之風險-以婚姻暴力防治工作為例 A Study of Social Workers in experiencing the Risk of Violence Threats-Taking the work of Domestic Violence Prevention as an Example蔡佳容 Tsai, Chia-Jung 潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
95三鶯橋下的「天堂」~恩加在三鶯部落的服務軌跡屠冠瑜 Tu, Kuan-Yu王永慈 Wang, Yeong-Tsyr Reference link
95青少年伴侶經歷未成年生育事件歷程之研究曹宜蓁 Tsao, Yi-Chen潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
95台南市長期照護家庭與一般家庭國中生生活壓力、韌力與生活適應之探討陳華如 Chen, Hua-Ju沈慶盈 Shen, Ching - Ying Reference link
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96那段與世隔絕的日子-緊急短期收容中心安置少女的經驗回溯 Those Days Isolated:Retrospection of Teenage Girls in an Emergent and Temporary Placement Center李郁芬 Li,Yu-Fen彭淑華 Pong, Su-Hwa Reference link
96經歷婚姻暴力女性母職實踐經驗之研究 From the experiences of battered women in the motherhood林嘉琳 Lin, Chia-Lin劉曉春 Liu, Xiao-Chun Reference link
96單親少年子女知覺離婚父母共親職經驗之探討 The experience of single-parent adolescent toward postdivorce coparenting魏嘉眉 Wei, Chia-Mei彭淑華 Pong, Su-Hwa Reference link
96家庭支持和朋友支持之改變對青少年憂鬱與偏差行為之影響 Changes in Family and Friend Support:Effects on Adolescent’s Depression and Delinquency周俐利 Chou,Li-Li潘恩伶 Pan, En-Ling  Reference link
96男性社會工作人員的性別經驗陳柏彥 Chen, Po-Yen潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
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97台北市「育兒友善園」服務經驗初探-以公辦民營機構為例 A Preliminary Study on experience in providing services for the parent child center in Taipei City張惠慈Chang, Hui-tzi 沈慶盈 Shen, Ching-Ying  Reference link
97危險的專業?公部門兒少保護社工職場暴力經驗探究 Is It Dangerous Work?–The Exploration of Social Workers’ Workplace Violence Experiences in The Child and Adolescent Protection Field廖秋如 Liao,Chiu Ju劉曉春 Liu, Xiao-Chun Reference link
97失智症主要照顧者在照顧過程中的逆境經驗與復原歷程 陳愷祥 Chen, Kai-Hsiang沈慶盈 Shen, Ching-Ying Reference link
97社會工作者網際網路運用狀況之調查—以提供少年服務之社會工作者為例 Factors Affecting the Use of Internet by Youth –Social Workers蘇嘉鈴 Su, Chia-Ling沈慶盈 Shen, Ching-Ying Reference link
97會所模式下精障者邁向獨立生活的歷程—以伊甸活泉之家為例 The Process of People with Psychiatric Disability towards Independent Living under Clubhouse Model ─Take Eden Fountain House as an Example曾淑欣 Tseng, Shu-Hsin潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
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98成為社會工作督導歷程的自我敘說Self-narrative of Being a Social Work Supervisor.陳乘斌 CHEN,Cheng-Bin沈慶盈 Shen,Ching-Ying  
98親密關係暴力的權力與控制再辯證 Debating on Power and Control of Intimate Partner Violence曾瀞儀 Tseng, Ching-Yi潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
98社工人員之勞動條件、人際關係及離職傾向之研究 A Research on Working Conditions, Interpersonal Relationships and Turnover Intention of Social Workers鍾伊玲 CHUNG,I-Ling沈慶盈 Shen, Ching - Ying Reference link
98聽常父母的心理調適與聽損子女的溝通經驗 Hearing Parents Psychological Adjustment and Communication Experiences with Their Hearing-Impaired Child.陳怡旬Chen, I-Hsun潘淑滿Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
98年輕女性乳癌病友的身體意象與社會支持 The Body Image and Social Support of Young Women with Breast Cancer陳禹岑Chen, Yu-Tsen潘淑滿Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
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99我的社會工作督導之歌:女性中階主管的故事 Melody of being a social work supervisor : stories of a female mid-level executive 王絹惠Wang, Chuan-Hui王永慈 Wang, Yeong-Tsyr Reference link
99台北市日間照顧服務及團隊合作經驗之探討A Study on The Services and Teamwork of Elderly Day Care Centers in Taipei.劉書綺 LIU,Shu-Chi沈慶盈 Shen,Ching-Ying  
99兒保社工因公涉訟之司法經驗初探 A Preliminary Study of Judicial Experience from Child Protective Social Worker張簡怡芬CHANG CHIEN,Yi-Fen潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
99我在社會工作教育裡擺盪、現身與尋根 A Narrative Story on My Journal of Social Work Education陳柏蓁 Chen, Po-Chen羅秀華 Luo, Shiow-Hwa  Reference link
99性別平權在家事調解中的實踐 Gender equality in the practice of family mediation.張馨方Chang, Sin-Fang潘淑滿Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
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100醫療院所籌辦長照2.0社區整合型服務中心的經驗之研究:醫務社工主管觀點 Constructing an Integrated LTC 2.0 Community Service Centerfrom a Hospital’s Perspective-- Analysis of the Experiences of Director Medical Social Worker’s Viewpoint余珮瑜 Yu, Pei-Yu游美貴 Yu, Mei-Kuei Reference link
100寄養家庭之不當對待:寄養社工之處理經驗 The maltreatment in foster family:From the experiences of foster care social workers黃佩琳 Huang, Pei-Lin彭淑華 Pong, Su-Hwa Reference link
100醫務社工師參與撤除維生醫療之經驗初探 A Preliminary Study on Experiences of Medical Social Workers Participating in Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Treatment邱淑珍 Chiu, Shu-Chen王永慈 Wang, Yeong-Tsyr Reference link
100一生的羈絆~女同志向手足現身後之關係協商與調適 The dynamically interrelated adjustments of the relationship after lesbian come out to the sibling.蔡嘉畇Tsai, Jia-Yun潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
100尋家之路:特殊需求兒童收養服務初探 Finding a new home: A study on special needs adoption from social workers' perspective柯郁真 Ko, Yu-Chen沈慶盈 Shen, Ching-Ying Reference link
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101社會工作者復原力與生命復元經驗—以經歷經濟匱乏者為例 Resilience and Recovery of Social Workers - A Study of Social Workers with Financial Distress Experiences柯亞君Ke, Ya-Chun王永慈 Wang, Yeong-Tsyr Reference link
101性剝削兒少安置機構工作者主觀經驗探討:以兒少性剝削防制條例通過後為例 Practitioners’ Subjective Experiences of Child Protection Residential Care: After Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act羅杏如 Luo, Shing-Ru游美貴 Yu, Mei-Kuei Reference link
101台北市私立心棧家園審議制度轉型之研究 Research on the Transformation of Deliberative System at Shin Jan Residential Home蔡宗成 Tsai, Tsung-Cheng游美貴 Yu, Mei-Kuei Reference link
101跨境工作者服務經驗之初探 The service experiences from Cross-border Workers:A preliminary study宋碧蓮 Sung, Pi-Lien潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
101社會工作者參與環境運動的自我實踐 The praxis workers participating in the social movements with environments with environmental issuer.黃念謹 Huang,Nien-Chin潘淑滿 Pan,Shu-Man Reference link
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102級社會工作的意象:社會大眾如何看社會工作人員 The Image of Social Work: How Do People in Taiwan Perceive Social Workers?蘇福明 Su, Fu-Ming潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
102級行行重行行:雙性戀者父母的生命地景 A journey to another journey: The landscape of lives of parents who have bisexual children周澄巽 Chou, Cheng-Hsun潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
102級子代夥伴參與「用愛包圍,與你同在」(Wraparound) 服務經驗之研究 Study on the service experiences of the youth partners in Wraparound.張紋琳 Chang, Wen-Lin游美貴 Yu, Mei-Kuei Reference link
102級學校輔導團隊介入國中生約會暴力經驗之研究 The Intervention Experiences of the School Counseling Team on the Dating Violence of Junior High School Students陳可棻 Chen, Ko-Fen潘淑滿 Pan, Shu-Man Reference link
102級社會工作人員悲憫疲憊之初探-以大台北地區從事老人日間照顧與居家服務領域為例 A preliminary study on compassion fatigue of social workers in daycare and home helper services for elders in Taipei area黃雅筠 Huang, Ya-Yun王永慈 Wang, Yeong-Tsyr Reference link
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103級幫助目睹家庭暴力兒少:社工與家長工作之經驗探究Helping Children Exposed to Domestic Violence:Social Workers’ Experiences in Working With Parents魏祥娟Wei, Hsiang-Chuan沈慶盈 Shen, Ching-Ying Reference link
103級社會工作專業圖像之探索性研究:以大學非本科系社會工作碩士班研究生為例Exploratory Research on Professional Images of Social Work: An Example of MSW Students Who Are Not Social Work at Their First Degree鄭如君Zheng, Ru-Jun游美貴 Yu, Mei-Kuei Reference link
103級預立醫療照顧計畫服務經驗之探討──以臺北市立聯合醫院為例Service Experiences in Helping Advance Care Planning Decisions in the Taipei City Hospital林芳如Lin, Fang-Ju沈慶盈 Shen, Ching-Ying Reference link
103級精神康復者對無差別殺/傷人事件的看法之研究:以思覺失調症為例The Perspectives of People in Recovery from Schizophrenia on the Randomly Killing Events劉晏如Liu, Yen-Ju游美貴 Yu, Mei-Kuei Reference link
103級社會工作者協助目睹家庭暴力兒童經驗之研究─以家庭暴力防治法2015年修法後為例The Service Experiences of Social Workers on the Children Witnessed to Domestic Violence: After Domestic Violence Prevention Act 2015姚冠吟Yao, Kuan-Yin游美貴 Yu, Mei-Kuei Reference link
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104級社會工作者眼中親職化兒少圖像之研究Social Workers' Perceptions of the Parentified Child in High-Risk Families : Strengths, Needs, and Challenges吳彥箴Wu, Yen-Chen陳杏容Chen, Hsing-Jung Reference link
104級醫務社工在器官捐贈的家屬工作經驗Working with Family on Organ Donation: The Experience of Medical Social Workers林芳怡Lin, Fang-I沈慶盈 Shen, Ching-Ying Reference link
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